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What's New

Commitment to Families Past and Present

Whether it's fall colors or spring flowers, there is always something new at Saint Helena Cemetery. Here is a sample of our projects.

  • Development of future memorial spaces
  • GIS Mapping System with Historical Database
  • Website genealogy searches (PDF file)
  • National Registry of Historic Places

St. Helena Historical Society Tour

Each November the St. Helena Historical Society tour showcases the lives and history of different individuals at rest in the cemetery. Please contact the cemetery office for details.

Ner Tamid Jewish Cemetery
Ner Tamid Jewish Cemetery

Eternal FlameThe Ner Tamid (Eternal Flame) Jewish Cemetery Association is pleased to announce the establishment of a sacred Jewish section within the historic St. Helena Cemetery.  Located in the newly developed section 26, Ner Tamid Jewish Cemetery consists of 100 burial plots and is  available for all people of the Jewish faith and their immediate families regardless of affiliation with any particular Jewish organization.

The Jewish custom of purchasing a plot for burial stems from Biblical times, as patriarch Abraham purchased a grave for his wife Sarah (Genesis 23:12). Although Jews have been a part of this area since 1848, Napa County has never had a dedicated and sacred Jewish cemetery. A number of Jews are buried in other sections of St. Helena Cemetery.

Ner Tamid Jewish Cemetery is professionally landscaped and demarcated from the larger cemetery by attractive borders and artwork of specific Jewish significance. A formal consecration took place on Sunday May 26, 2013 at 11AM.

The Ner Tamid Cemetery will adhere to Jewish guidelines for burial which may take place during regularly scheduled cemetery hours, Monday through Friday. Burials may also be conducted on Sundays, but not on any Jewish holiday.   Ground internment and cremations are available through the St. Helena Cemetery.  For further information please contact Donna Mendelsohn (707) 259-5332, donna@dmendee.com .

Block 13 & Serenity Memorial Park

Serenity Memorial Park was designed to offer an additional option for the many families who choose cremation. By creating a park like setting, complete with benches and a memorial monument, we have created a tranquil place to rest and reflect while looking over the neighboring vineyards and St. Helena's Sulphur Creek. Services are held under the large oak and dogwood trees.

  • The Memorial Park contains three secured underground vaults for the co-mingling of cremains. This inexpensive option includes an individualized bronze memorial name and date plaque to be placed on the monument.
  • Adjacent to the park, Block 13's new development provides families with 150 new full size grave spaces to choose from.
St. Helena Cemetery
St. Helena Cemetery